Thursday, June 25, 2009

Don't Stop Til You Get Enough.

So I've already been neglecting my blog. First attempt to stop this from happening is what follows.

I've been listening to Thriller this evening, and it's reminded me of the incredible musician Michael Jackson was. Even under the circumstances it really gets me going. You can't "beat it." Oh, I'm just full of great stuff today. I may or may not have even danced around the house to thriller with the dog while Joel was gone.

I also have the urge to say how sick and tired I am of seeing Perez Hilton's drama every time I get on Twitter. If there were ever a case of social media abuse, he is it. My current gossip blog of choice is Sasha Pasulka's Evil Beet Gossip. It's actually utilizes talented writers (no ghost blogging here) and ever since Speidi was banned from the site, I have been a devout follower.

Now onto events of my own life. Last week, I decided that the greatest gift to my dad for Father's day would be homemade sugar cookies to go with his special edition orange soda from Pops.

Rolling and cookie cutting.
Baking them.
Add some icing and sprinkles and they will soon disappear.
After packing up my cookies, the next stop was was B-Dock at Lake Murray in celebration of Father's Day and all things summer.

I decided that rather than being dragged behind a boat at 45 mph, I would be the designated photog in order to continue gaining experience with my new camera.

I didn't want to fall like sis did - though it was her first time wake boarding.

Back on the dock, Emma was a great subject to shoot while enjoying some homemade ice cream.
Sharing with mom.
..and learning to say CHEESE for the camera.
The weekend was definitely a success. I escaped unscathed: no sunburn, no hangover and ready to take on another week of job applications et-cetera. How much of that I actually accomplished is debatable. I did, however, finish the fifth book of the Dark Tower series, and pay rent and utilities on time.

The possibility of law school is still very much on the table (mom and dad are very in favor of that) as is finding a job right away if I can. If i have to wait tables in the meantime while I figure that out, that won't be such a bad thing either. I'm going to take everything as it comes and enjoy summer while I can. It might, after all, be the last one I get.

Monday, June 15, 2009

First Entry Wahoo Baby.

3...2...1...And I'm blogging. As an unemployed college grad depleting her savings account, I have found the time to do it. Don't everyone get excited at once.

This weekend, Joel and I enlisted a dog-sitter and took a weekend trip to Tulsa for my beautiful friend Kyndall's wedding. Whilethere, we visited the Oklahoma Aquarium in Jenks to make up for the disappointment that was the National Aquarium in Washington D.C. last summer. Needless to say, It was fantastic.

Proof that I now know how to work my new camera (thanks Mom).

After aquarium-ing and a bite at the Riverwalk, we checked into our hotel and made our way to the wedding. It had nice hints of mexico with a margarita machine, a Dos Equis Keg, and an outdoor ceremony where shoes were optional.We had just enough cake, champagne, dancing, and bouquet catching (I was actually coordinated enough to catch something), when it was time to go. I assured Joel that a bouquet catch was not binding and we were on our way.

Now I'm ready for a week of job searching, and putting my new camera to good use. Oh, the life of a college graduate.