Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Virtual Family Tree

So I was going to discuss my current dissatisfaction with Cox Communications and their ability to inflate my bill without really telling me. I am mentally preparing myself for limited basic cable, by the way. Then I was going to talk about the displaced rodents outside my office and the Eau de Skunk I've been experiencing as I make various spreadsheets and write about OCU LAW.

Next I comtemplated posting pictures from Larry's birthday extravaganza at McNellie's, and explaning how after painstakingly trying to pick just ONE beer from the hundreds on the list, I settled on this delightful "Raspberry and Cream" Hoegaarden.

But I changed my mind, and even though I had some really titillating topics for you, fearless readers, I'm more interested in the increase of older family members using - GASP - social media.

Now that the fear of "inappropriate tagged photo exposure" has passed, I've discovered an ease to keeping up with my family, who live a couple of hours away. I thoroughly enjoy an Facebook chat with my uncle, or an @rachelawilliams from my mother.

I also love logging on and seeing some real gems like this posted from Christmas eve circa 1994. That's me in the middle, not smiling. I'm probably planning retaliation against my sister in her matching dress for stealing a Barbie doll prior to the taking of this photo.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lake Trash Floats

I have surrendered yet another one of my weekends to the lake, and I cannot say I ever regret it. Though I would welcome just one more day to recover before returning to work and all that comes with weekdays, I am sans sunburn so I'm sure I will be fine.

Joel's parents were gracious enough to take care of us, offering not only their houseboat, but also wonderful food and fantastic conversation. Two of our friends, recently back from a year-long South-American excursion accompanied us, so there was no shortage of catching up to do or fun to be had.

I think it is important to sit back and relax and to do it often, to put away the cell phones, quit checking the time, and just enjoy what is around you. That was what we did, and it helped to clear my mind, or to at least get it back in order.

Pillow improvisation

Hair of the dog

gorgeous sunset

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey man, slow down.

In the midst of car trouble, technology issues, and attempting to understand Obama's proposed health care plan (reward for anyone who can provide a factual, unbiased breakdown for me),I have turned up the radio and taken a few moments to indulge in the things I love.

Sweet Scout

partner in crime

photography practice

Sometimes I get overcharged,
that's when you see sparks.
They ask me where the hell I'm going?
At a 1000 feet per second,

hey man, slow down, slow down,
idiot, slow down, slow down.