Friday, January 29, 2010

You're Doing It Wrong.

I suppose it is safe to say I have not had the greatest of weeks. I know I have no real excuse to be whiney, but an extreme case of cabin fever is bringing out every little frustration I have. I can, however, find an upside to everything as I will now demonstrate in order to bring myself out of this funk.

The week began with a pretty brutal stomach flu that knocked me out for the better part of three days and kept me inside during some beautiful 60+ degree weather. Nothing like spending the night on a bathroom floor that you didn't get around to cleaning the week before to remind you how comfy your bed is.  Bright side? I can fit into jeans from high school, at least until I am fully hydrated again.

So after this gorgeous spring day that I spend inside vomiting, what would happen but an ice storm that keeps me inside for several more days.  And of course my warmest coat and gloves are inside of my car, which is parked in the driveway sealed shut with ice.  Bright side? We don't have to go anywhere anyway,  I'm off work for a day and a half with no power outages or frozen pipes (yet, knock on wood).

We took a walk around the neighborhood today, camera in tow, so I was also going to post pictures of the icepocalypse 2010. Iphoto, however, has decided it doesn't want to recognize certain files and refuses to import pictures from today, so that's not going to happen. Brightside for me? Brother-in-law bringing me a new program.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Desk Jockey

I am (hopefully) momentarily beyond pretending I am happy about going to work Monday morning. I'm going to blame this on two things: Christmas vacation and and the recession. My recent vacation spoiled me, and the recession is my go to blame-monger of late since there's no actual person at which I throw my negative vibes, therefore keeping my hypothetical karma in check.

Amidst my exciting daily tasks of answering phones, opening mail, signing for the occasional package, and hunting down obscure lost/misplaced materials per the dean's request, I find myself day dreaming about more frivolous career paths that would allow me to sleep later and wear jeans on a daily basis - or at least get me away from a desk.

With job satisfaction at an all time low, surveys suggest that Americans are getting bored.  I do find that my creative juices are stagnant. As a recovering theatre major and wannabe photographer, the excitement that comes with creating something is simply not happening enough for me from 8-5 o'clock Monday through Friday.

I have decided to combat this nation-wide boredom one person at a time (starting with yours truly) by embarking on a side project: pet photography. Yes, I am going to make my frivolous career aspirations a reality. I'm already taking ridiculous photos of my dog so call me up readers, let me photograph your furry friends.  If this takes off, I may even hire a part-time pooper scooper to take care of on-the-job mishaps therefore contributing to a drop in the current unemployment rate. It's a booming time to start a business anyway so I'm about 98 percent sure this is going to yield heavy profits.

Sarcasm aside, I'm actually looking for a reason to post dog pictures. I got a new camera lens this week and the only live beings to photograph were Joel and Scout since we were stuck inside trying to combat the arctic tundra that is Oklahoma City. So see below for gratuitous dog pictures. My sincerest apologies for the recent crazy dog lady postings.

The dog whisperer
Hide and go peek
Precious Pup

Because right now, this is a job. If I advance any higher, this would be my career. And if this were my career, I'd have to throw myself in front of a train. 
~Jim Halpert, The Office

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

House of Wax

Something inherently creepy lies within the walls of a wax museum. Perhaps this mood was set years ago by an old Vincent Price movie, or maybe it is from the stares of the blank eyes from waxy faces that are strangely familiar as visitors walk through dark hallways.

While in Hot Springs, we visited Josephine Tussaud's Wax Museum, which, if you are interested in bits of silly trivia, used to be a hot spot where Al Capone did some of his gambling. Like much of Hot Springs, the museum had a ghost-town feel to it, as if we had stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone and might not make it back to 20th century Oklahoma City after all. With my love of old, scary and campy things, I enjoyed the novelty and slight creep factor we encountered.

Upon entering, we walked up a stationary escalator (stairs i suppose), and were greeted by an odd array of famed figures. Joel was especially tickled by the fact that the Pope seemed to be eternally enjoying his own personal jazz concert by Louis Armstrong.

With the newest addition to the museum, President Obama.

Franken-Joel in the Hall of Horrors

Eerie depiction of the assassination of President Lincoln.

And my favorite candid photo of Joel with the King.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Vacation's Really Already Over?

This break has definitely been a whirlwind, and sadly as of tomorrow at 8 a.m., it's back to work for me. So many fun things have happened in the last week and a half, that I am going to blog them in spurts. This will also help me with content to fulfill my new years resolution of blogging more often. Yes, I'm that girl.

Last week, the fiance' (of course I'm going to keep saying that word) and I took to the road for a mini vacation to Hot Springs, Arkansas. My family and I vacationed there when I was a child, and we had a great time. After checking in and strolling down Central Avenue, Joel and I discovered that very little, if anything, had changed in the little mountainside town since the last time I had been there. In fact, we're not sure that much has changed since the 1920's.

Though it felt like somewhat of a time warp with its old buildings, bath houses, and even an old school tube TV in our room, the town had an elegance to it that made it a great getaway. Our hotel, The Arlington, was also reminiscent of the Overlook hotel (a la The Shining) with its patterned red carpet and clock-like floor indicators above its elevator doors.

Hot Springs is known for it's "Healing waters," or mineral springs where the likes of Helen Keller, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and even Al Capone frequented to cure their ailments. So of course we had to experience it for ourselves.

Now I'm not sure I can speak for Joel, but I thoroughly enjoyed my bath house experience which consisted of soaking in a GIANT jet tub of hot spring water, followed by a stint in the sauna, a hot towel wrap, cool down, and finally a massage. It was a great remedy for the "sitting at a non-ergonomic desk syndrome" that I believe I have developed.

Hot Springs is also the Hometown of Bill Clinton, and some quite horrendous portrait artists.

I was, of course, drawn to the Quapaw bath house. American Indians were, after all, the first to discover and make use of the hot mineral springs.

And no vacation is complete without an obligatory cutesy couple's pose. Also if you look very closely you will notice the new bling in the photo.