Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Day of the Dads

What a week it's been!  At last I am on the other side of the biggest  and most elegant event of the year at the YWCA and have finally found some time to sit down and decompress on this lovely Father's Day.  This was one of the craziest weeks I've had work-wise, but I'm as happy as a clam (there is a strange part of me that thrives on stress and pressure - sick, I know).

We managed to escape the week's aquacalypse with only one minor leak and a couple of muddy dogs, I actually cancelled cable (it's officially gone Tuesday), and I've only got one blister from running around in heels wedges for 5 hours last night. Success? I think so.

Things around the house did manage to fall behind, but I suppose that is natural. We managed to run out of laundry detergent, which led to running out of other things, and yesterday I woke to a kitchen stocked with 3 eggs, some string cheese, tortilla chip crumbs, and half a bottle of wine (which is not as bad as it sounds actually). Today's events, however, were a needed catalyst, and I'm now sitting in a clean house with a fully stocked refrigerator, listening to the washing machine work its magic.

This afternoon, Joel and I had my family over to our house for a Dad's Day cookout that quickly moved indoors due to some serious Oklahoma heat. It was so nice to have the whole family in the same place at the same time. We even taught Dad how to play Rock Band, Beatles style, which might have been the highlight of the afternoon - aside from the chocolate cake and beer that Mom and Dad brought with them.

And of course, I want to say thanks to my Dad for everything he does. I've got some great memories that range from Santa Suits and Three Stooges antics to simple words of encouragement at just the right moments. He's mastered the art of blending just the right amount of humor and encouragement, and is one of the most generous people I know. Love you Dad.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm Alive!

So, I didn't disappear or anything, and I'm still updating the ole blog. I have been awol around here because I just started a new job!  I've been PR and development assistant at the YWCA (for women, people, not the gym downtown) for a week, and it feels great.

I have jumped in head first, with the YWCA's biggest event of the year, Purple Sash, happening next Saturday. It's been a week of absorbing everything I could from my amazingly organized and put-together predecessor, memorizing names, and just learning the ropes. I'm thrilled to go into work every day knowing that the projects I tackle will yield results that help women in need. It exponentially increases job satisfaction.

I've also been working on home improvement projects here and there. I can now successfully wire indoor and outdoor light fixtures on my own (after suffering slight electrocution only once). I have sanded down and painted a bookshelf, done some decent gardening and outdoor furniture shopping, and made a home improvement to-do list to the moon and back.  We also recently discovered, upon running out of ice, that the previous homeowners took the ice maker from the freezer. Thanks a lot for that, you guys.

And let's also take a moment to recognize that my wedding is one year from this weekend.  Me being the bridezilla that I naturally am, I haven't done much of anything. The church is booked, yes, but that is it.  I've got a list for this too though, thanks to my wonderful supervisor at OCU LAW who gave me the most comprehensive year-long wedding planning book as a departure gift. Thanks Cheryl!

So there's the update for inquiring minds, and I'm leaving you with the promise of some more focused and less all-over-the-place posting in the near future.