Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Home Grown

As the new owners of our very own backyard, Joel and I have made an attempt at a small garden. We weren't here during prime planting season, so we opted for transplanting small plants rather than going from seed. Though my herb garden has been booming all summer (anyone need any basil?), I was nervous we wouldn't yield results from this year's vegetable garden.  A couple of weeks ago, however, Joel and I noticed some baby cucumbers as well as one notably giant yellow squash.

We wanted to see how big it would grow, but on Sunday night, our patience was running short and we decided it was time to eat our giant squash, and not without documenting our first successfully home-grown vegetable.

Note that the squash is comparable to the size of my nearly-husband's head.

Even the diameter of the squash was huge. Also, Eddie thought it was for him.

I did not take pictures of the cooked squash, because let's be real here, it looks like every other cut up and sauteed squash you have seen (mixed in with some broccoli and mushrooms and other goodies). Also, I was too hungry and excited to stop and snap a picture. Nonetheless we were pretty excited to have grown a huge chunk of our Sunday dinner.

For next year, I have aspirations for a much larger, more diverse garden since this year's has been pretty easy. Also, I am now taking recipe recommendations involving cucumbers, because we are about to have a whole slew of them ready for picking.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eddie Versus the Water Hose

Here is that post I promised you about a month ago about Eddie, our rescued Jack Russell "Terror."*

I figured, however, that you already know how adopting a dog from a shelter saves an innocent life. You realize that these sweet little creatures don't love you any less just because they aren't designer dogs and you didn't pay an arm and a leg for them. I would even argue they love you more, and have a greater sense of appreciation, but that is just the crazy dog lady in me talking. Since you already know there are thousands upon thousands of animals, perfectly sweet and loving and deserving animals, waiting for someone to adopt them, and would certainly want to rescue, that I don't have to go on that whole spiel. Therefore, I am going to give you a glimpse into my backyard that will hopefully amuse you.

When we adopted Eddie, the one thing they warned me about, was that he was crazy about the water hose. I laughed, said that I bet it was funny, and it didn't bother me. I didn't realize that what they meant was "This dog REALLY goes totally maniacally crazy if you turn the hose on within a 100 yards of him."

Now that it's sweltering in Oklahoma City, we inevitably water the plants more often, and try to keep a kiddie pool freshly filled for the pups, lessening the odds they they will dig in the cool dirt. Below is what happens when we fill said pool.

And this is what happens when we try to water the plants.

Disclaimer: He is really not a spazz like this all the time. In fact, as I write this, he's curled up next to me snoring, like a normal calm little dog.

*A 4 year-old once referred to our terrier growing up as a terror and I find it endearingly accurate.