Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Home Progress!

Snow- klahoma 2011: AKA allowing Rachel to get caught up on everything from house cleaning and wedding planning to updating the blog with the first round of home renovation pictures.  During last week's 4 days off work I snapped some shots of the new living room, and with the second round of snow today, I have finally uploaded them. Regardless of the less than stellar effect the snow has on my workload upon the office's reopening, I am thanking the universe for the mini-vacations because my mind and body can use it.

Moving on.

Since he works at a University, Joel had two full weeks off for Christmas. I had two days. That being said, he is to be  credited with a very heavy majority of the manpower behind operation nix the paneling and nasty carpet. I give you the hideous before pictures.  Click to enlarge (if you dare.)

View of fireplace and horrendous paneling.

View from the left of the fireplace

Looking at the back door

From the front door and entryway

First, Joel ripped up the carpet, padding and tack strips. We had initially considered staining the concrete but found that it prepping the floors was going to be much more of a challenge than we were willing to embark upon, as you can see below. He also had to rip down the paneling. Luckily the drywall behind it was in good shape and the only casualties were my coveted silver christmas tree (on the right of the fireplace), and the mantel that was cracked beyond repair as we removed the last bit of heinous paneling.

Next we (and by we I mean Joel) textured the walls, painted the ceiling, painted the trim and fireplace a nice crisp white (I was actually the fireplace and trim painter), and then covered the walls with a fresher gray color (Martha Stewart's Bayou).

We really struggled with what to do to the floors. We wanted to stay within a tight budget, and still get something that looked nice and was easy to maintain. We decided to go with laminate - or faux wood - flooring. It's easy to install and it came with a 30 year warranty at Lowes. We went to just about every flooring store in OKC to find the best quality and price. Lowe's won that round, though Lumber Liquidators had a MUCH cheaper moisture barrier. Just, you know, in case you were curious.

Joel and my dad installed the floors while I slaved away at work. It took them about 6 hours to cover the 300 hundred square feet of the living room.

Now for the finished result:

 New view of the fireplace - the useless built-ins and paneling are no more! We do still have to add trim on the fireplace wall, as well as a new mantel.

View of the back door and other wall.  And the dogs. They didn't move the whole time I was snapping away.

And the view of the entryway and front door. 

We still have a long way to go. We are on the hunt for a dark gray sectional, artwork for the walls, a new media cabinet that can hide all of our electronics. I'm also working to move the television to the left of the fireplace, placing an eventual sectional in front of it and cozying up the large space. Lots of options and lots of ideas mean lots of Craigslist scouring and blog perusing. Which is kind of on hold at the moment because did I mention I'm getting married in 6 weeks? Lots to do!

SThere you have it. First major project progress. Who knows, maybe I'm on a roll and you can expect pictures of the kitchen soon!