Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Married Life

Well folks, I'm officially married and, after much deliberation, am sporting a new last name.  I would like to start off by saying that it was all worth it.  Every tear, sleepless night, and argument with my mother was worth it because my wedding was perfect. As soon as I have pictures to show you there will be a whopping post dedicated to it.  Until then, expect [mostly] wedding-free posting.

As I write, I am cozied up in my bed, mid-morning on a Wednesday, still in my pajamas with Scout curled up at my feet. 

You may find yourself wondering, "How, Rachel, are you at home writing? Shouldn't you be slaving away at work?" 

Don't worry, I didn't decide to become a full-time house wife already. I just received the most awesome wedding gift ever - Strep Throat. When I said I was "cozied up" I guess I really meant "hopped on on antibiotics and Tylenol, with 3 glasses of various juices on my night-stand, a 100+ degree fever and tonsils the size of Jupiter." So it's not really all that glamorous.

Thanks to my immune system of steel, I have never in my life contracted Strep. I would like to take this opportunity to say that it REALLY SUCKS.  I couldn't even drink my coffee yesterday morning without cringing in pain and I basically had to survive on milkshakes and Jamba Juice courtesy of my wonderful fiance husband. Plus it's extremely contagious so I'm hoping I didn't spread it to anyone at work or anyone else that I just happen to live with during our first week of wedded bliss.

This morning, however,  I am feeling a bit better. My fever is gone, I actually ate a bowl of cereal, and my throat is noticeably less sore. I guess those horse pill antibiotics were legit. 

It was definitely mean to be that we had to put off our honeymoon until the end of April. Talk about lucky.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Bigger Picture

Every time I look at my calendar I get a knot in my stomach. With less than a month until our wedding I feel like we have so much to do! It will all get done though and it will be wonderful. I am just ready to quit waking up at 4 a.m. from nightmares of center pieces and cake-toppers gone wrong.

A self-proclaimed type-A, I often find myself stressing over the most menial details and have to put things into perspective. Last week, however, while picking up stamps for our invitations I was reminded of the bigger picture.

As I was perusing the book of special "wedding stamps," debating which love-themed 44 cent piece would best compliment our kelley green envelopes, I noticed an older woman, probably in her sixties or seventies standing at the register next to mine with tears welling up in her eyes. She smiled and congratulated me and then, this sweet stranger offered me some of the best advice I have received.

She said, "This is such a wonderful time in your life, save everything, record everything, and don't forget to enjoy it. I just lost my husband of 30 years, and those are some of the sweetest memories I have of our time together."

I thanked her for her kind words and offered my condolences - but her tears were not quite tears of mourning or even of sadness. She told me she was not upset, that it made her happy to be reminded of such happy times.

I held the door for her as we left the post office and she told me that even the scribbled on slips of paper and receipts from planning things would hold memories, and be cherished for years to come by children, grandchildren, even by me.  I again thanked her for her kindness and we wished each other well before making our way to our cars.

That being said, whenever I start to panic about cake flavors and flowers I think about what she said.  I can look over at Joel, and be reminded of the bigger picture - of our love and life together - and find solace in that. It's what actually matters.  It also doesn't hurt to know my receipt-hoarding and over zealous to-do list scribblings may someday be worth something - in memories.