Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wedding Bells Were Ringing A While Ago, But...

I haven't posted much about my actual wedding. I've mentioned how great it was, how much of a blur things were, but I haven't given you any details.  And you know what? Wedding planning was basically just going crazy with details for 6-9 months so I need to validate all that work by putting it out there on the internet. Also, we had so many great friends and family who supported us and helped us and I want to give them a nice shout out.

March 26, 2011 was the day, Old Trinity of the Paseo was the place, and I guess you can just say love was the word.

Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos
Wedding Photos
Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos                       Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wedding PhotosWedding Photos                    
Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Wedding Photos

Everything was just perfect. From the flowers to Joel's delicious cookie cake nothing was anything but spectacular.

Our friend Garret did an amazing job on our invitations and programs and our other dear friend Jacob created a wedding video that I could never have imagined would be so wonderful. I encourage you to check out these guys' stuff because they are some creative people who are amazing at what they do. And I'm not just saying that because they are my friends.

All of my photographs are courtesy and copyright of Erin Conrad Photography, and Erin was a blast to work with and did a fantastic job capturing the real feel of the big day.

So there you have it. Before I get out of here, I'll leave you with a little treat from Planet Thunder Productions - our wedding video trailer. This isn't the full deal, but I think, in the words of Mile Cyrus, it's pretty cool.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dining In

First, I want to let you know that this room is in no way complete. It is, however, sans ugly floor and wall coverings and that, my friends, definitely merits a blog post.

After returning from our honeymoon, in true "we never take a break" fashion, Joel and I began re-embarking on operation get rid of the nasty salmon carpet, which you may remember from this post of yore.

Our house has a very open layout in the front so tearing up the entry way also led to tearing up the dining room which also led to tearing up the bedrooms' hallway. Since it was all going to be the same floor and paint color and there was nary a threshold in sight it just made sense to do it all at once.

So, without furthur ado, I give you the before pictures.

Our lonely couch in a pretty ugly room.

Sitting on the lonely yellow couch looking back into the bedrooms' hallway.

From the living room looking down to the kitchen past the front door. Up to the left is the dining room. Notice how icky the ceiling is? That is what happens when you (and by you I mean previous owners) attempt to touch up the ceiling with the wrong color white. On a side not, at this point, we are living with the mild popcorn. It is not thick enough to merit the scraping and retexturing that removing it would entail.

From the kitchen looking into the livingroom/dining room. The three different types of flooring really break up the entry way.

Needless to say, it was not pretty. The next two weeks involved a lot of carpet pulling and sneezing, shop vacuuming the floor, TONS of wall texturing, ceiling painting, and amount of painting trim that was a near-death experience. Our Netflix instant queue made things easier and most of the painting was done to Leslie Knope's antics on Parks and Recreation.

Again, my Dad came up to help Joel install the floors and then all the hard stuff was done.

Here's a shot of textured walls and pre-painted trim.

And even though Joel kept telling me I needed to take during pictures, I was too focused on getting my house back in order to stop and do that. So that's all you get. You probably just want to look at the after shots anyway. Here they are.

Ta da.

We do need more/bigger furniture to put in here. But man is it nice to be rid of that gross carpet. We also now have a room that is functional. Prior to this, we used that room as a catch-all. For several months it was the wedding craft project room and it's always been the room for random furniture that has nowhere else to go. Now we have a place to entertain guests.

I scored the roman bamboo blinds for $27 bucks each at Walmart. Though I rarely shop there, the pricetag on those was too good to pass up. The white panels were $5 each at Big Lots and we already had the black curtain rod. Changing out the old plastic blinds and adding some light curtains really made a big difference in the room.

I also embarked on a little re-upholstery project. You may have noticed some of the chairs in the before pictures of the living room. I found some nice fabric on sale at Hancock's for $3.50 a yard and recovered all the chair seats. I had the wooden chairs all throughout the house and though they are all different shapes, I think the seats pull them together.

We also just happened to stumble upon that rug at Lowe's on major sale for ony $50. We still had a $50 Lowe's card leftover as a wedding gift, so it was meant to be.

From the kitchen/Bedrooms' hallway (dining room immediately to the right)

From the dining room looking into the bedrooms' hallway. The hideous gold boob light's time is near.

IMG_5617Again from the dining room.

From the living room looking toward the kitchen and probably the most controversial after picture. Deciding how to lay the wood floors here was a battle between Joel and I. The question was wether to change the direction of the wood or not. And because I give credit where credit is due I am going to say that Joel, you were right. It looks good to change the direction of the wood. There. Pride swallowed.

We still have quite a bit to do but the hard work is over. Still on the list is getting rid of all the boob lights, replacing the chandelier above the dining room table with something sophisticated that actually matches, installing quarter-round, bringing in some more furniture, and adding lots of art to the walls. I'm also still just slightly on the fence about the yellow we picked but am choosing to live with it for a while and see if it grows on me.

So there you have it. Another big project done.