Monday, December 5, 2011

Do you need to powder your nose?

Well I'm finally getting around to posting the last round of remodeling pictures from our latest big project - the guest bathroom. I think it is safe to say that our guest bathroom was pretty horrifying. It's laid out nicely with a jack and jill type vanity between the guest bedroom and hallway that opens into a small private bathroom with a toilet and tub shower combo. The fixtures and colors were awful though.

I'm not going to mess around with a bunch of banter about it so I'll just cut to the pictures.

bathroom/guest renobathroom/guest reno

On the top left you have the view from the guest bedroom. Look at that beautiful carpet in the BATHROOM. I keep asking myself, who puts carpet in a bathroom? On the upper right you had the view of the vanity from the small connected bathroom sans nasty bathroom carpet, plus Joel.

bathroom/guest renobathroom/guest reno

Now I'm a pretty tall gal but those cabinets up top? I couldn't even reach them so they were basically useless. So useless in fact, that when we demo'd them we found stuff that the previous homeowners left behind.

If you turn with your back facing the sink, here's what you would see. Oh that tile on the floor. And the brass doorknob. And that toilet from 1965 that wouldn't flush right and just kept running and running.
bathroom/guest reno

bathroom/guest reno

As far as the tub goes, we didn't mess with it. We know at some point we will have to have it professionally refinished but not now. The yellow shower tile, while not our first color choice was in okay shape, so we left that alone as well. Retiling would have taken  the project to a higher level and keep in mind, we were on a time crunch and trying to save money.

The floor, however, had to go and deciding what to do what not easy. To remove the tile all together would have required several days worth of chipping away, and the possibility of hiring a professional to jack hammer it out. It is the original 1960's tile and it wasn't going ANYWHERE. We also contemplated laying larger tile on top of it, but then the transition to the vanity/hallway would be odd since it would be two different heights of floors. We had been toying with the idea of painting the tile for a while, but were nervous about it looking DIY'd.

We finally decided to give painting a try. If it didn't work, we could still pry the tile out or even lay something on top of it. All that we would lose was the $40 in paint costs. Since we were already replacing the toilet, we took advantage of it's temporary absence to take care of business. Here's how it went down.

bathroom/guest renoJoel sanded down the floor with a low grit sandpaper, then cleaned it several times with a heavy duty kind of scary chemical cleaner that was recommended to us by the paint guy at Home Depot. Everything we researched said sanding it down and cleaning it really well was very important. The he put down three light and even coats of Kilz original oil based primer (following the directions for dry time).  And I took maybe 3 during pictures and constantly checked to make sure the exhaust fan was turned on. I also kept most of the windows open in the house because that stuff is nasty and crazy toxic.

Next, he put down one coat of an oil-based paint. Then we waited 5 days for it to dry. Yes, 5 days. We were really freaked out around day 3-4 but it did finally dry - or rather cure, because that is what oil-based paint does. Then we were done.

We had already textured and painted everything prior to our tile-painting, so the next step was installing the toilet, which Joel did. I provided moral support. There was only room for one person working in the bathroom at time so there wasn't

After that, it was time to demo the vanity/hallway, paint and texture the walls, put down flooring and install the new vanity - in that order. Joel did most of the hard work since I was down for the count with a horrendous cold because he is the best.

I think the pictures tell it better than I do so here are the afters.

bathroom/guest reno     bathroom/guest reno


bathroom/guest reno
 bathroom/guest reno

The bottom right photo is from the hallway. We just took the wood floor from the hallway, dining room and living room through. Since the vanity portion of the bathroom feels more like a hallway then a bathroom it made sense.

We also picked a new vanity that felt more like a piece of furniture than cabinetry to us to try to keep that little hallway feeling less bathroom-ish.

bathroom/guest reno      bathroom/guest reno


bathroom/guest reno

We did splurge a bit on new light fixtures. The Allen Roth fixtures at Lowes are just so pretty I couldn't resist. The new mirror was a Garden Ridge find that matched the hardware on the sink.

We are about 3 weeks in with the painted tile and so far so good. We use that shower a lot, so it's getting traffic and getting wet and still holding up. If it starts to chip later on, we know we still have all the options we had before.

It feels so good to have everything done in there and really gives the whole front half of our house a finished feel. Next project? Master bedroom. We have decided, however, that we're not putting ourselves in a time crunch for it. We know we have another nice room to enjoy while it's out of sorts so there's no need to hurry.