Monday, November 26, 2012

Feeling a little, no a lot, of thankful

Remember that time I didn't blog anything for almost a year? Yea, me too. That was now. Anyway, I'm going to take this little bit of awkwardness and turn it into something more topical for this post-Thanksgiving week. Here goes nothing.

I am so thankful right now. Thankful I can take moments to stop, look around and enjoy this life I've been so fortunate to be able to build. Thankful for friends, for family, for home, for fulfillment. I am thankful that I've found myself with the time, the creativity and desire to start writing and sharing on this little slice of the internet once again.

We had 4 low-key and lovely Thanksgiving dinners over the course of the last two weeks. We had an Italian food feast at my parents' house, a healthy buffet at our house with dear friends, a traditional Thanksgiving with some of my family and some of Joel's on the actual holiday, and finally prime rib with the rest of Joel's family to end our holiday weekend.

The only thing we did more than eat was laugh. And I don't think you can ever overindulge in laughter.

Thanksgiving table setting

Another late thankstagram from Tuesdays festivities with friends.

My table setting for Thanksgiving (above) and Thanks-Taking with friends (below). And a shout out to my sister and husband for guarding the street so I could steal clip some branches from my neighbor's awesome red tree for centerpieces.

Joel carving the bird

Joel's annual turkey carving picture. This is my new, all-time favorite Joel picture. Almost as good as last year's.

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