Thursday, December 13, 2012

Getting Settled.

Today at work, I poked my head into the cafeteria during lunch. I do this often as an energizing break from work at my computer and also because our students are awesome.*

I noticed a fifth-grader sitting by himself at a table, which is not an unusual midday punishment for a rogue trouble-maker. I asked him why he was sitting alone, expecting an admission of guilt. His answer surprised me.

He said, very matter-of-factly, "I just needed to get settled. I decided to sit here today because I can be quiet and have a clear mind over here. That's all." 

He then proceeded to tell me about his wish list for Santa and how excited he was to to have a sleepover with a friend this weekend. Said friend then joined us to share his opinions about this wish list and the settling had officially ended.

On my way home I had some good music on in the car and inadvertently took a few minutes to clear my mind. This involved belting at the top of my lungs while traveling at a high speed down the highway. But it did the trick.

Then I realized something. Life has been busy lately and this week, Joel and I have been admittedly boring. We've indulged in more ice cream and episodes of Modern Family then I care to admit. I was worrying this was a bad thing but then I realized, this is what we need. This is our version of getting settled. Of recharging.

So tonight? We're taking one more evening of boring, by the fire and glow of the Christmas tree, to get settled. And you know what? I'm okay with that.

So fancy.

*I work at a nonprofit called Positive Tomorrows, a elementary school for homeless students. Our kids live in local homeless shelters and bounce around a lot which makes it difficult for them to learn. We give them a fair shot at an education by stabilizing families and breaking down barriers to learning. Check us out on Facebook.

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